kiln dried logs log cabin kitsHaving kiln dried wood matters because of the nature of wood.  Wood differs from other building materials like stone and brick in that it comes from living trees.  While they are alive moisture flows between the roots and leaves. This moisture is in every cell. The moisture in the wood supports the cells. When the tree is cut, the moisture gradually dries up.  When this happens the wood shrinks and can change shape.

In a log home this can cause problems in that the logs that fit together so well at construction may not fit so well a few years later.  Log home companies design their homes to allow for some of this change.  Even so most designs do better with logs that retain their shape and size.  Most companies do this by making sure that the wood is fairly dry before shaping it. Drier wood has less moisture to loose and tends to stay in the shape it was machined in.  Wood needs to have around 20 percent or less moisture to be very stable. Companies do this by either air drying or kiln drying the wood.

Air drying means that the logs are stored for six months to a year to let the wood dry.  Kiln drying means that the wood is put into a large oven for a few weeks and dried.  The kiln allows for faster and more controlled drying.  When you combine careful testing with kiln drying, you get a very reliable constant product.

The quality of the wood will make a difference in how your home looks now and in the future. Ask your supplier hard questions about the logs they use in their kits.  Kiln dried wood with a good testing program should be on your list of requirements.

The logs we sell at Log Cabins for Less are put through a process of Kiln drying with a rigorous moisture testing process.   We make sure that the moisture content is at or less than 20 percent before they leave the factory.  Some companies cut corners on this by only testing the surface but our tests measure the log from core to the surface.  We do this and more to assure you will be happy with your home for years to come.

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