Cypress is a wood that has been used as long as man has been civilized.  It’s durability, weather resistance, and attractiveness has been known for ages.  The ancient Egyptians made their mummy cases out of it.  Medieval carpenters used it in the doors of cathedrals.  Legend has it that even Noah’s Ark was built of it. They prized cypress’s qualities and you should consider it for your log building design too.

North American Cypress is a softwood that grows in swampy areas ranging from south Florida to the Mexican Border in Texas.  It likes swampy areas and is one of the few softwoods that lose their leaves in winter like hardwoods.  In the past it was difficult to harvest but modern methods have improved it’s availability.

As you would expect from a wood grown in swampy areas, it is very durable and has good resistance to water.  It has a natural oil that gives it good resistance to insects and weather.  It can be machined easily and works well with finishes and glues.  If dried properly it doesn’t warp or twist. The wood holds nails and screws tightly.

Cypress varieties range in color from off-white to deep red. It also has a handsome grain which makes it ideal for interior paneling or external siding.  Matching it with a good protective finish will give you an  attractive appearance that will last for years.

Cypress is a durable attractive wood with a rich history.  Keep it in mind when designing your log building.