Log Home Kit Options: Getting More RoomOne of the major decisions on a log home kit is how large the home should be.  If you’ve looked at your needs you know how much floor space is required.  To get that space there are several options.  You can go with a single story of that size, add a second floor to a smaller kit, or in some cases add covered decks for more living space.

You can always go with a log home kit that has the needed square footage.  There are many advantages to having everything on the same floor.  It’s nice to not have to climb stairs to get to all the rooms. A single floor makes access to every room easy even for those with mobility problems. This can be an issue if you expect to retire there.

A second floor can be added for the extra room.  This can be a very cost effective method of adding more space. The added space does not require additional roofing or foundation. By putting guest and kids rooms upstairs you can minimize the needs for stair climbing by older folk.  It also reduces the amount of space the house covers on the lot.  That can be a consideration with smaller lots.

If you only need the extra room infrequently and the climate is not too harsh, covered decks are an option. This is good if you need the extra space for entertaining. A deck allows room for guests or family to mill about enjoying the outdoors. Enclosing the decks with screens makes them a more year round space.  Adding ceiling fans or a fireplace can also extend the seasons you can use these areas.

These are options for expanding the room of your log home kit. These are all options that can be added.  Price wise the larger single story is the highest price option, with a second story a little less, and the decks the least.    

In any case these are options to consider.  Your log home is yours to design and build. It should match your dream.

When you get ready to get the wood and supplies to the job site, we at Log Cabins for Less are ready to help.  We can deliver to most anywhere in the US and will consider other locations as well.  Check with us for quotes as our prices can be very competitive with local suppliers, even including shipping.

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