Log Kits: A Better Way to Buy Your Log BuildingIf you have been shopping for a log building you pretty much know what most companies offer. You look on their site and they have a collection of designs that they sell.  They sell you a combination of wood and supplies that can be assembled into the house shown in the catalog. When you pay your money you get a huge wooden puzzle delivered to your site that you and your contractor put together.  That is the common way people buy and build log homes.

We don’t sell our logs and parts that way.  Our kits are just the logs and  supplies to assemble the walls of your log house at a good price. We have various kits for different size homes. These are the basic items you need to build your log house. The other items are the same as average frame built houses. Your local contractor will have sources for these materials. You and your contractor can select the components you want at a price you want. This method saves money for most people building log homes.

The main benefit of this method is cost. By using this method you bring the log house construction more in line with the average frame house construction. Your contractor will have local sources for most of these items. After all, why ship nails from six states away when you get them locally.  You are free to buy from the cheapest supplier and take advantage of special deals.   

This is also a more flexible method. The design and components are what you want. You don’t have to accept a third bedroom when you would rather have a bigger kitchen and second bathroom. The layout is your choice as are the doors, the windows, and the roof. Money is always a limiting factor in home building. You can spend the money on things you feel are important and not what some designer selected. You get what you want.

Buying the items you select also has an advantage when you are constructing the home. The items are shipped in as you need them. One of the problems with complete kits is that you have to keep the items you don’t need yet dry and out of the weather.  A construction may last months and you don’t want to find plywood panels and wood beams damaged from rain and weather.  They can remain in the supplier warehouse until they are installed.   

Our experience is that our method works well for most home builders.  People get a better price, a more personal design, and a better building experience. So, when you get ready to build, keep our log kit system in mind. If you want more insight, give us a call at 1-800-647-0807 and we can help with questions on the log home building process.

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