Looking for the Perfect Log Home: The DesignLog homes are indeed beautiful and rustic. They add so much to the property in terms of appearance and being part of nature. It’s easy to get caught up in that when building one. Because when you get it built, it will be all those things. However, at the end of the day, it’s your house and if it doesn’t fit you, you will never be happy living there. Perfect log home design is key. Before you start picking out your design and builder, you need to think about it as a home. You can start with some questions.

How much home do you need? If it’s too small, you will feel cramped. If it’s too big, you may not be able to care for it yourself or be crushed by the payments. What kind of place is this going to be? Are you just going to be there on weekends or will it be your main home? Do you expect to retire there? Will you want to be entertaining groups of family and friends there? You need to know these things to evaluate the designs.

A log house is just like any other custom home. As the owner it must suit you and be something that you will feel comfortable in. Understanding what you will be doing there is the first step. Only when you know what you expect in a house can you start looking at log house plans and models.

You will find an incredible number of plans and kits. You should take your time and look at many of them. You need to know what kind of designs and options are out there. Knowing what you need in a home will help you weed them out the ones that don’t fit. Once you find some designs you like, you will want to take the next step and talk to some suppliers about them. They can help you with tweaking the design to better fit you and your budget.

We at Log Cabins for Less will be glad to help you with this step. We have the experience to guide you in designing your new home. All other company models are our models. We can take your design and build it for you. Come by and see us or contact us for more information

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