ChinkingChinking started out as a solution to a problem that early log buildings had. When log buildings were first built, the settlers cut and shaped the trees themselves. As you might guess the trees in one areas wouldn’t all be the same size or thickness. When the logs were stacked there were gaps between the logs. This would allow air and water to leak through. The settlers would take hay and twigs and stuff them into the gaps. They would then cover them with clay. That would seal the gaps but would have to be redone periodically.

When log homes started being built in the thirties, concrete mixtures were used. This worked but the rigid material would crack as the logs settled. It lasted better than the twigs but would have to be repaired regularly too.

In modern times two developments in log buildings affected the use of chinking. The quality of the logs improved greatly. They were milled to a standard size and the wood was cured better. The milling allowed the logs to fit together tighter and the improved curing reduced the settling of the logs. This meant that there was little gap between the logs and the logs moved less as they aged.

This made many people relate chinking to just an ornamental finish. They did chinking to just make the logs look like the old time ones. However even though the gaps are not a big issue there are still good reasons to use chinking on your logs. Even with slight gaps the insulation value of the walls is greatly improved by sealing even the smallest air leak.

Modern chinking material is worlds away from the old clay and concrete chinking. It is highly adhesive and flexible. It sticks tightly to the logs and will not crack or leak when then the logs move slightly. This means less air leakage and low maintenance for the home owner.

In addition these new chinking materials, like Perma-Chink come in a variety of colors. That gives a lot of options to the design of the log building. The chinking can be subtle and blend in. Or it can stand out and emphasize the logs in the building. This gives more ways to personalize the appearance of the building.

Perma-Chink is considered one of the better chinking materials. It is one of the best selling sealing materials world wide. It is carried by the Log Cabins for Less. They can assist you in choosing your best option with it. They even discount it.

When you are planning your log home don’t forget the chinking. It will improve your living experience in your new home and give you the chance to further personalize the appearance.

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